Lead the way in digital cognitive assessment

There are over 55 million people living with dementia worldwide. The number is expected to double approximately every 20 years globally.6 This will lead to a higher need for cognitive assessments which will necessitate a more sophisticated way of testing.

The Cognivue Clarity® assessment device collects 130,000 data points, creating a unique patient experience customized to each patient’s individual visual and motor skills. This self-administered computerized assessment removes the bias that can be associated with more traditional cognitive assessment tools, standardizing your approach to testing. The Cognivue Clarity device provides in-depth data points to supplement a full neurological assessment assisting the doctor in getting to a differential diagnosis.

Elevating the standard for cognitive testing!

The EXCEL Program

Cognivue® support every step of the way

  • A step-by-step practice-integration program included with each device
  • Integrate cognitive screening into your workflow with minimal interruption
  • Reduce the learning curve for you and your staff
  • Create clinical and business objectives; track and see results
  • Build confidence in conversations with patients and physicians

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Cognivue Thrive® is a 5-minute cognitive performance screening tool for non-physicians

Cognivue Clarity® is a 10-minute
cognitive assessment tool for physicians

Patient education on evidence-based ways to manage lifestyle-related risk factors